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System Support

OpenView Security Solutions is committed to delivering the highest level of customer support. To consistently achieve this, we use a proven business system called ‘Plan for Every Call’ (PfEC) which provides us with a significant competitive differentiator and drives every aspect of our culture and performance.

Based on lean principles, PfEC puts customers at the centre of everything we do, measures how well we deliver and creates options for doing even better. OpenView is committed to not only consistently meet customer expectations, but also to exceed them at every opportunity.

Cycle of Change and Improvement

Fuelled by OpenView’s core values, which are rooted in four customer-facing priorities: Quality, Cost, Delivery and Innovation, PfEC drives the company through a never-ending cycle of change and improvement.

It starts with exceptional people developing outstanding plans and executing them using world-class tools to construct sustainable processes. This results in superior performance which, in turn, attracts more exceptional people who continue the cycle.

PfEC underpins the delivery of our bespoke service solutions enabling us to ensure that systems operate at peak efficiency levels and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Our sustainable maintenance contracts are modular and can be tailored to meet the specific performance and budget needs of customers. From simple ‘Pay as you Go’ contracts to comprehensive support solutions including planned preventative maintenance, asset management and residential engineering services, we are committed to consistently meeting the highest quality standards and achieving industry-leading customer satisfaction levels for every engagement.