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De La Rue OpenView delivering services in the high security commercial sectors.
South Hook LNG OpenView delivering services for the National Critical Infrastructure sector.
Kathleen Philip We are delighted to introduce Kathleen - recruited for direct communications with residents for all social housing security projects.  
Wrexham Borough County Council OpenView completes major upgrade for Wrexam`s Public space CCTV surveillance system and adds value with public space wireless hotspots through the CCTV network.
Royal Borough of Greenwich OpenView delivering services in the Social Housing Market.
Social Housing Security We have undertaken some of the largest social housing security projects in the UK.
Electrical Services We provide a wide range of electrical solutions.
Bristol Airport     OpenView supplied, installed and maintains all of the electronic security systems for the airport using IP based solutions for access control and CCTV.  
Manchester United OpenView has installed a computerised and centrally managed access control system for the main entry points throughout the stadium.
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The UK's largest independent electronic security integrator delivering solutions to the public sector market.

OpenView Security Solutions Limited

A National Provider of Electronic Security Solutions

OpenView Security Solutions Limited is one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the UK.

OpenView Security Solutions Limited (OSSL) is an independent security systems integrator providing the full security systems package and a comprehensive range of services for our customers. This includes specialist network skills with IP convergence.

OpenView also provides specialist fire and electrical services to enable a full turnkey solution to core markets and customers.

All services provided are compliant with industry standards, where OpenView holds all required accreditations.


Featured Projects


­Cardiff & Vale NHS

OpenView Security Solutions Limited is the Incumbent framework contractor, maintaining electronic security systems for all of the healthcare trust buildings. This includes maintenance for all elements of CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms & Intercoms systems. Many of these systems are now being converged onto the client`s WAN infrastructure.

Mersey Travel

OpenView Security Solutions Limited installed the largest mega-pixel IP-CCTV system in the UK for this client comprising, of over 500 high definition mega-pixel cameras providing surveillance throughout the tunnels, entry & exit tolls, approach roads, bus and ferry terminals.

­London Borough of Redbridge

OpenView Security Solutions Limited is the incumbent supplier for all electronic security systems for this local authority. These services include all public space (town centre) CCTV, security systems in local schools, council offices, plus all of the public housing estates, where door entry systems are maintained.

Sandwell homes­

OpenView Security Solutions Limited installed and now maintains one of the largest integrated borough wide security systems for over 2000 flats in multiple low and high rise residential buildings. We provided CCTV, door entry-intercoms and alarm systems that have been centralised and integrated into the main control room which was also installed by OpenView.  All of the network infrastructure (both wired & wireless) was also provided by OpenView for this £2M+ contract which was completed in 2011.

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