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Smart Cities

Smart cities rely on information from diverse sources to drive resilient digital networks that address social, environmental and economic goals. They are delivered through city-wide digital and physical infrastructures using disruptive technologies, which require a paradigm shift from the traditionally fragmented vision of how to take advantage of smart technologies. A more strategic, collaborative and inclusive approach is required.

There are a number of key areas where smart technologies are now being used to overcome some of the challenges of urbanisation. They include water, waste, energy, transport and assisted living.

OpenView Security Solutions specialises in the assisted living market which has traditionally been known as warden call services and, more recently, Telecare. Our smart city solution combines door entry, warden call and telecare systems into a single, flexible solution that can be configured to meet any requirement.

The new generation of assisted living technology from OpenView promotes care and independence and enables people to live longer in their own communities. The use of smart technologies opens up access to a broader range of services that deliver more efficient care and health services directly into the homes of residents.

OpenView is an independent systems integrator at the forefront of installing and maintaining smart technology solutions for the public and private sectors. These solutions form constituent parts of strategic smart city solutions as well as providing the flexibility to be used for stand-alone applications.

Our smart city solutions deliver key benefits including:

Future proofing IT infrastructures with structured cabling
Less disruption
Reduced installation costs
Only one resident home device is required, reducing confusion
Lower maintenance costs
Access to enhanced applications
Connection to the internet of things (IoT)
Improved digital connectivity
Improved monitoring

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