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OpenView Security Solutions is celebrating the first anniversary of being appointed to a framework which helps public sector organisations ensure that best practice, innovation and tenant and leaseholder engagement are at the heart of fire safety works.

Developed jointly with the Hyde Group and Frankham Risk Management Services, and managed by specialist frameworks provider Pretium Frameworks, the Fire Safety Services Framework is open to any provider within the UK housing sector, including local authorities, registered providers and any members of their supply chain involved in the delivery of any public or private sector construction related projects.

The framework offers a full range of consultancy and constructor services, from product provision and installation to incident management and business continuity, and is split into 11 lots based on service stream. OpenView provides services under six lots:

Lot 1 – Fire doors

Lot 2 – Fire Safety Signage

Lot 3 – Fire Alarm, Detection and Suppression Services

Lot 4 – Emergency Lighting

Lot 7 – Electrical Inspection and Testing

Lot 8 – Electrical Works

Following a robust and competitive process, this four-year framework was awarded in February 2019 to 26 organisations. It is fully compliant with current EU and UK Procurement Legislation. The Contract Notice 2018/S 130-295612 was published on July 10th 2018 and the Contract Award Notice (2019/S 048-109432) on 08th March 2019.

About Pretium Frameworks

Pretium is a specialist company which develops and manages innovative frameworks on behalf of contracting authorities operating in the public sector across the UK. Its aim is to deliver high quality, OJEU-compliant solutions that offer a different approach to existing frameworks and contract arrangements, which can be readily tailored for use by different client organisations. For more information please visit http://www.pretium.co.uk/

 About the Hyde Group

The Hyde Group is one of the UK’s largest housing associations and owns or manages around 50,000 homes in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, the East of England and East Midlands. For more information please visit https://www.hyde-housing.co.uk/